Multicultural Christmas Party Report




Multicultural Christmas Party Reportまたパフォーマンスの時間では、フィリピンの皆様による合唱やパントマイム、アフリカの歌やダンスなど国際色にあふれた出し物が披露され会場が感動と笑顔で包まれました。
最後には手をつないで大きな円を作り、「HAPPY CHRISTMAS」を歌って、多文化共生による平和な世界がつくられることを祈願しました。




We held “2nd Multicultural Christmas Party” on Dec 4th, 2016 at Shibuya.

This time 65 participants from 8 countries came to the event. Actually we are really grateful this number, but it was unexpected number, so the place were too small for us. However same time, we felt the atmosphere we are family in one same house.

After the party was started by MC, we had a beautiful opening song collaborated by piano and ethnic drum. They played Christmas song medley. Then Vice-Chairman of MEF reported about the activities of MEF 2016, and we had a wonderful Christmas ethnic dinner together. The foods were brought by each participants. We had a great communication time too.

During the performance time, we could see the international performances, Filipino chorus, pantomime, African song and dance. Through the performance, we were impressed and laughed together.

Finally we hold the hand together and made a big circle, and we sang “Happy Christmas” for world peace.

This event was the last event for 2016. We pledged to progress to realize a Multicultural Society in Japan and Tokyo.

Thank you so much for participating the wonderful Christmas Party!



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