Vision & Mission

★Vision 2020
To substantiate a working and sustainable multi-cultural exchange model in Tokyo that allows for the experience of a global family.

人類一家族世界 (One Global Family) を体感できる、持続可能な多文化共生モデル都市TOKYOの実現に貢献する。

★Mission 2020
To make the Tokyo Olympics a success through the promotion of multicultural activities and making Tokyo into an environment where people of different cultures can gather and feel welcomed.

There are many things that make us different but also a lot of things that bring us together. We focus on the things that bring us together and work towards building a common vision.

1. Food, Music, Arts
2. Common Experiences 
3. A Common Vision 

We teach people how to create a common vision and how to share that vision.
We bring people together through activities and outings.
We create event that are full of energy and create a feeling of harmony.

人間には各々相違点があります。その一方で多くの共通点をもっていることも事実です。「多文化交流フェスティバル in Tokyo」は全ての人がもつ共通点に焦点を当てて、共通のVisionを一緒に成し遂げていきます。

1. 食文化、音楽、芸術
2. 共通の体験
3. 共通のビジョン


★What makes us different?
There are many cultural festivals in Japan and around the world. This is not a new concept. So what makes our festival different? Our festival is not just about showcasing the music and entertainment of various nations. Though this is an important part of culture it’s not all culture is about. Culture is more importantly, how do we live our daily lives, and how we view the things in life that are most important such as, happiness, family, and friendship. Our commitment is that through our events and activities, people of different cultures can come together and share and learn from one another and grow together. Finally, our message is clear, we are a global family and our purpose is to take care of one another and build a better Tokyo, a better Japan and a world together.

★「多文化交流フェスティバル in Tokyo」の特長
 多文化交流フェスティバル in Tokyoの特長は「交流を通して、一人一人が家族のように分かり合える場である」ということです。毎回、多くの国のパフォーマーが音楽やエンターテインメントを通してイベントを盛り上げてくれます。それだけにとどまりません。音楽やエンターテインメントは各国の文化の一部を私たちに教えてくれますが、その国の全てを表現しているわけではないからです。
 「One Global Family」を合言葉に、より良い東京、日本、そして世界を皆様と共に実現してまいりましょう!

– Working: Makes a difference for people (Surveys and follow up)
– When people join our festival their thinking and their daily life changes
– Sustainable: It is growing (# of people are increasing) and in budget ($$$)
– Experience a Global Family (Surveys)

  ‐ 企画に参加することによって生じた人々の日常での変化
  ‐ フェスティバル参加者の増加や支援金の増加
  ‐ One Global Familyの体感

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